Since its launch in 2002, Makeup City has come a long way in establishing itself as the go-to beauty store for all beauty enthusiasts in Pakistan. Throughout this journey, there have been many hurdles that our team has successfully overcome, all of which hold tremendous value as they have taught us some solid lessons.

Left to Right: Mr. Ammar Sohail, Director Bays International; Mr. Bashaar Sohail, Director Bays International; Mr. Muneeb Bin Sohail, Category Lead Bays International.

We are very pleased to announce that these lessons are now available for all aspiring marketeers and students to learn from as Makeup city has been featured in Phillip Kotler’s latest marketing guide, “Essentials of Modern Marketing.”ย Published by the prestigious Phillip Kotler and Partners, this book is the first international book to have featured local organizations. Only 16 of Pakistan’s top organizations were featured in this edition, one of which is Makeup city, represented by our Directors Ammar Sohail and Bashaar Sohail at the launch event.

Our case study “Makeup City: Navigating through Millennial waters” talks about the struggles of establishing a one-of-a-kind Omni retail channel offering a complete beauty experience for everyone walking through its doors. Especially with the competition stiffening, new organizations entering the beauty industry, and the government increasing taxes on luxury goods, Makeup city has had its fair share of obstacles. Yet, we have emerged as the country’s largest beauty retail chain and a brand trusted by Pakistani millennials. 

The journey to get here has been no less than a challenge, filled with lessons at every step and we are sure that studying the Makeup City case will prove valuable for students and enable them to view the beauty retail industry through a closer lens.

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